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The XR Red Devil single back-mount wing set allows you to take your diving to the next level of technical application. The buoyancy compensation device comes assembled and ready to use and is a one-size-fits (nearly) everyone design. Adjusting the straps to suit your own body shape wont hinder the comfort of the device, and under the water the Red Devil offers freedom of movement so you can properly enjoy your time in the water. 

The aluminium components of this product include the back-plate, D-rings, buckles, and two red tank strap buckles. The use of an anodized aluminium material makes this device strong, resistant to wear and light. 

Mares XR Red Devil Features:

  • A complete set
  • Light and perfect for travelling
  • Great look that matches other new products
  • Easier for beginners and non-technical divers as already mounted
  • 16 liter red single tank donut
  • 3 mm red aluminum backplate
  • 6 mm red aluminum rings
  • Red aluminum buckle
  • Standard webbing harness
  • 2 tank straps with red aluminum buckles
  • Black flat head bolt screws