Shearwater Perdix AI

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The Shearwater Perdix AI. Exactly the same award winning computer that is trusted by most advanced divers but now incorporating wireless transmitter technology. Transmitter is an optional extra or consider our package option if a transmitter is required.

Use in recreational, technical or CCR modes, or add an optional wireless transmitter for a fully functional integrated recreational diving solution. Divers that may already have an oceanic or aqualung transmitter can simply use them with the Perdix.

Powered by a single user changeable household AA battery, providing 40 hours of dive time you will never miss a beat. Integrates with the Shearwater Cloud app on your smart phone, desktop (windows or mac) via bluetooth. Effortless, no wires and just works.

The algorithm used by Shearwater is the tried and tested Buhlmann ZHL-16C and can be fully controlled by diver selectable gradient factors. Alternatively, set the computer to recreational mode and let it handle everything out of the box perfectly. You’ll find the Perdix maximises your bottom time, counts safety stops and will never lock you out like some other competitors.

Our opinion – Simply the most versatile computer on the market that takes you from recreational to high end technical. We recommend this as the first and last computer you will buy.